MINI Countryman Driving Through Mountains



An adventurous outlook, pioneering spirit and hunger to add stories that offer new perspectives are all part of the new MINI Countryman's DNA.

To celebrate the MINI Countryman's ability to enable inspiring adventures, MINI Australia is commissioning a series of Australian photographers and videographers to showcase the stories and off-road experiences that await drivers of the new MINI.

Melbourne based photographer Jackson Loria and videographer Andrew Dorn explored the untouched terrains of the South Island in their Add Stories vignette about a hiker's connection with the New Zealand landscape.

We caught up with the pair to uncover more about the stories that unfolded on in the summits of the land of the long white cloud.


> Your MINI Countryman video features multiple awe-inspiring locations. Can you describe the places that you visited in more detail?

We actually drove from the North Island to the South Island in the MINI Countryman, so the first location in the piece is a place called Lake Rotoiti in the Bay of Plenty. The first peaks featured in the video are the mountains of Franz Joseph Glacier. A number of lakeside transitions were also captured at both Wanaka and Queenstown. The remainder of the hiking footage all unfolded high in the summits of Mt Aspiring National Park and Mt Cook National Park.

> The breathtaking scenery is like a silent character in your video, how did it feel to explore those destinations?

Unbelievably surreal. There was no mobile reception in a lot of the locations that we visited, so we spent five days disconnected from reality and immersed in nature. Mueller Hut, the location in the end frame of the video where the hiker places the flag on the summit gave these fantastic 360-degree panorama encompassing views of ice cliffs and vertical rock, at that moment we were connected with nature in its purest form.

> It looks like you really utilised the MINI Countryman's SUV adventurer capabilities. How did it handle the rugged terrains of the shoot?

Those roads are severe; they are earthquake damaged and unforgiving at night. The MINI Countryman handled non-sealed roads well, and the rain sensors are made for the South Island's unpredictable weather conditions. The MINI Centre Instrument was a loyal travel companion to us too. Our navigation system was always on due to the number of road closures and syncing our Spotify accounts to the MINI kept us all sane during the lengthy drives between locations.

 jacksonloria andrewjdorn