Sasha Titchkosky & Russel Koskela.

Founded by Russel Koskela & Sasha Titchkosky in 2000, Koskela is an innovative and inspiring Australian furniture, design and lifestyle brand. Committed to exceptional design, manufacturing in Australia and championing social enterprise.

Koskela products are made to last – in the workplace, home, or recreational environments – Koskela design products that are destined to become classics through form and function.

The Koskela showroom, located in Rosebery is a beautiful industrial space housed in a 100-year-old warehouse with sandblasted brickwork and a saw-tooth roof. This tightly curated retail space has fast become Sydney's greatest design hub. Selling Koskela's own furniture as well as a range of sustainable and Australian made homewares, furniture, garden, and art, as well as Koskela Juniors, an imaginative selection of beautiful children's clothing, books and toys. Within this space, Koskela also presents the Koskela Gallery, a carefully selected gallery with a new exhibition every month, as well as a creative workshop program in a large, dedicated workshop space.

Koskela has worked with some of the world's leading corporations and educational institutions, from AirBnB to Pinterest, Apple, Google, and Australia's leading law firms and banks. The commercial arm of the business excels at delivering considered and bespoke design solutions and products to clients as well as interior designers and architects. Koskela works collaboratively with clients and local manufacturing teams, to deliver a workplace that exceeds all expectations and fosters a sense of pride.

Right through the process, from idea to completion, Koskela ensure their products don't impact the health and wellbeing of the workers making them, and are deeply committed to social enterprise – using design skills to empower Australian Aboriginal artists and artisans through collaboration. This commitment affects decision-making at all levels in the company. Koskela want to be remembered for their commitment to helping forge a better world.