Great stories transport us. Fuelling our creativity, they take us on a journey of ideas, knowledge and adventure. But how do these stories come to life? What of their driving force?

Ever curious, the MINI Hatch has taken its role as pathfinder to another level. In a four-part video series, produced with BBC StoryWorks, MINI opens the way to new discoveries, capturing the audience’s attention with unique and fascinating stories behind Australia’s film heritage.

With Art Director Jacinta Leong (Hacksaw Ridge, Unbroken, The Great Gatsby, Mad Max: Fury Road) at the wheel, the energetic MINI Hatch explores iconic Sydney locations renowned for inspiring the award winner’s creative process.

With passion and insight, Jacinta reflects on the role of ‘place’ in filmmaking.

“In films, nothing can exist without ‘place’. Places breathe life into stories. They provide geographical and historical context, function as the character’s backdrop for interaction and development, and carry atmosphere and emotion,” she says.

”Prior to individual interpretation, however, most places are merely physical elements without meaning. They need circumstances, perspective – and purpose.”

Wending her way from the relaxed, open space of Hacksaw’s Centennial Park to Gatsby’s grand International College of Management, Jacinta explains how different structural elements – architecture, nature, people and roads – build that sense of purpose.

“Design is a journey, not a destination,” she says. 

And what better vehicle drive that exploration than the super expressive MINI Hatch.

Jacinta on the role of structural elements in filmmaking:

> Nature:The sheer wonderment of nature is what contributes to the emotion of a set.” 

> Architecture:One of the things I enjoy about designing for film is exploring spatial qualities and spatial experiences."

> People: “People and place speak to each other in a cyclic fashion.”

> Roads:Roads represent journeys in films.”

Watch the series now.