Kate Peck is an Australian television presenter, model and self-proclaimed checkered-flag enthusiast who captures the attention of over 20 thousand people daily across her social media platforms. Whilst Kate can’t grow a Mo’, she has still pledged to be a Mo Sista this Movember and raise funds for men’s health. We asked Kate a few questions about what can be done to encourage conversations and the best way to show support to a mate.

> Why do you think it’s important to be talking about men’s health?
It’s important because not enough men talk about it themselves. Within our ‘blokey’ Australian culture, I can’t imagine a group of guys sitting at the pub discussing why their headaches from stress have turned into migraines. I don’t think they actually know how to talk about their health, whereas women are encouraged to and even celebrated.

> What can be done in today’s community to encourage conversation about men’s health?
It helps when people in a position of power or influence are able to use their platform to send out the message. The more people we can reach the better. It needs to be a movement through the voices within the community to become the social norm.

> What drives your passion to raise funds for Movember?
I am a sister and daughter and a partner so keeping the men in my life healthy and communicating is an important part of our happiness and well being.

> What would you say to a mate who was too afraid to speak up?
I would say find other people in your position. After the scripts are written, I don’t believe GP’s offer enough support or follow up. Realise you’re not alone, that there are many others in your position. Gain strength from this position and recognise the positive impact you could have on someone else’s life by speaking out.

> What is the best way to show your support to a mate in need?
Grow a mo! And make sure they know they aren’t alone. Provide a safe place for them to talk and check out their options with them. Make sure you follow their journey.

> Since you can’t grow your own Mo’, how will you pledge to be a Mo Sista this Movember?
Sky diving is on the cards! Considering I am outrageously afraid of heights it could be a winner. If I chicken out I plan of abstaining from Netflix. Or maybe I’ll grow out my underarm hairs for the month #scary.

No matter if you’re a Mo Bro or a Mo Sista, join us this Movember to help keep the conversation around men’s health growing. Together we can raise funds to help change the face of men’s health.