MINI Mission Centre


We won't lie. We like giving away things. It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. That’s why we ran the MINI 365 competition this year to give away a brand new MINI Hatch to one lucky punter for 365 days. What they’d do with the MINI Hatch was up to them. Drive it to the beach. Drive it to the shops. Park it in their garage for their friends to admire when they come around for fancy dinner parties. That sort of thing.

So, in the month of March, we set a few missions for MINI owners and fans to complete. If they did, then they were in the running to win the all new MINI Hatch for 365 days. Sound easy? It was harder than you think. And those that completed each mission would probably back us up on that. Through gamification, each mission was accessible through our mission control centre, located on the website.

Every mission payed homage to the all new MINI Hatch in its own way. First, there was REUNITE, which allowed entrants to highlight MINI customization and ask people to match MINI vehicles with MINI decals. In short, it was a bit of a mix and match job. Then there was CONTROL, which let users discover more about the MINI Forward Collision Warning and Pedestrian Warning by carefully steering a MINI through traffic, left and right. We heard there were a few keys mashed in the process, but overall – fun was had. The final mission was FOLLOW, which allowed MINI fans to get a feel for the Go-Kart handling of the all new MINI through a mouse click. Let the pressure off, MINI slows down. Put the pressure on, MINI speeds up. Couldn’t be simpler really. Then again, it’s always easier said than done.

And the person who emerged victorious from all of this? Jane Mitchell from Torquay in Victoria was the lucky one who gets to drive in style for 365 days. Looks like you’ll be quite the centre of attention for the next 12 months Jane.