The Drive: My MINI Journey.

We take a leisurely trip through sunny Sydney, from industrial-chic Alexandria to surfer’s seventh heaven Bondi Beach.

09.03 Being a surfer, I need a mammoth breakfast to fuel up for the day. Kitchen by Mike is my favourite spot for a fry-up near my home in Alexandria, and I like my eggs sunny side up!

09.37 My journey from home to the beach takes me first through Surry Hills, and I always pass this shop, with its awesome painted windows.

09.40 My favourite garden centre is en route, too. I stop and pick up two bonsai elm trees to brighten up our balcony.

09.50 Surry Hills has more shops than you could poke a stick at. Danger when it comes to payday!

10.10 Sydney is famous for its coffee, and the Bourke Street Bakery does a killer cappuccino. I normally pick up a brownie, too, for that much-needed hit of sugar after a surf.

10.30 Brett Whiteley is one of my favourite artists, and – aside from these giant matchsticks marking the entrance – his former studio turned gallery is one of Sydney’s best-kept secrets.

10.38 The Clock Hotel on Crown Street has one of the best balconies in town – a great spot to sit and watch the world go by.

10.45 Sometimes when I’m en route to the beach I take a little detour to the MCA, another art establishment in Sydney for which I have huge respect.

10.50 You just can’t beat the opera house for a Sydney icon, so striking beneath the piercing blue sky.

11.00 After a drive north, I swing east towards the Pacific Ocean, passing colourful street art in Paddington and Woollahra.

11.10 That first glimpse of the ocean is always the best bit of my day, and beautiful Bondi never disappoints me!

11.15 There is nothing in life that lifts my spirits as much as surfing, so most of my drives end at the beach. I could never live too far from the waves.