MINI Connected – Helping You Reconnect.


Behind the glossy scenes of her two successful fashion businesses, Taryn Williams is a busy woman. But with the help of technology like MINI Connected, she is able to make sure that her day runs smoothly and keep up to date with the people she loves. 

For Taryn, CEO and Founder of The Right Fit and WINK Models, technology is an absolute must-have to support her as she travels around the country to help brands bring their advertising campaigns to life.

The Right Fit is Taryn’s newest venture; and since she launched it about two years ago, she’s been using innovative technology to allow her to partner with some of the world’s top models, influencers, photographers, stylists and makeup artists.  

“At The Right Fit, we connect brands with creative talent to unlock content, and all of that is done now through digital and technology, which form the heart of both of my businesses. The Right Fit really is a tech company, first and foremost, and technology allows us to connect brands and influencers in a transparent, seamless and scalable way.”

“Wink Models is also powered by a tech platform, called Wink Central, which connects all of our talent to the jobs available to them, and also manages all of our scheduling, our onboarding and our invoices for clients.”

Image of Taryn William researching about Mini ConnectedHaving recently launched a Singapore location that’s set to disrupt Southeast Asian advertising markets, Taryn spends her time transiting between her Australian and international agencies, which means she spends a lot of time working on the road (or in the air).

“I travel a lot to see our clients,” she says. “It can be really taxing but I love what I do, and technology has now afforded me the opportunity to work in a global economy. I have lots of great opportunities, events to attend and public speaking engagements and [I love] being able to share my story with other people.”

Such a hectic business itinerary means Taryn cherishes her downtime, using it to reconnect with friends and family and spend time in nature. 

“I love to get up early still, even on weekends, and I love doing long walks of Centennial Park in Sydney or the Tan in Melbourne. I like to get into nature and get some Vitamin D on my skin.” Taryn says.

“The perfect day outside of work is really about connecting with people,” she says. “The time I get to spend with my friends and family is what grounds me. I’ll share a meal with friends and family; check out the local sights; and try and get some life admin in.

Image of Taryn William using Mini Connect feature in her MINI CopperBut of course she’s never too far from her trusted tech, which helps her catch up with loved ones even when she’s far away. She’s able to turn to MINI Connected to book local restaurants, discover new sights in the city, and communicate with her loved ones when she’s travelling.

“I think for me, technology really plays an incredibly important role in my personal life allowing me to stay connected, especially as I travel so much for work. Being able to easily and quickly check in with friends and family as I’m on the road or when I’m running between meetings is so important for me.”

And after all, isn’t being connected what life’s all about?