When you go by the title of ‘Australia’s fittest man’, you’re on the go constantly. So you need an activity machine that matches your lifestyle.

At 27, James Newbury is already a CrossFit legend and a regular participant in the CrossFit Games, which are world-renowned as a gruelling test for the toughest athletes on Earth as well as a thrilling experience for spectators.


Recently, James partnered with Adelaide MINI Garage and took up the challenge to put the MINI Countryman through two days of non-stop action as part of the MINI 48 hour test-drive campaign.

The first (and very important) task was to drop off his twin Daschunds at Doggie Day Care. Once the handover was complete, Day One kicked off with a solid session with his training partner featuring some weight training, power work with kettle bells and manhandling some impressively large tractor tyres.

Then it was on to scenic Mount Lofty for a jog up the slopes in a weighted vest as a warm-up to the next activity, a 30km bike circuit at Victoria Park.

Day Two begins by lashing the paddleboard to the roof racks and a trip down the South coast in search of some waves. With a flat seascape, James changes things up with some back-to-back runs through the dunes, one of his favourite spots.

Following a warmdown, James was able to pick up plenty of style points with the locals by parking up the MINI at the local café.

All in all, it was a great test of versatility for both man and machine and the MINI Countryman was clearly able to switch modes for whatever James threw at it over a hectic schedule.

The MINI 48-Hour test-drive is on now. Contact us today to take advantage of this extended opportunity to really get to know more about your favourite MINI.