Encouraging Men to Have Honest Conversations.

We sat down and chatted to Nic Davidson about men’s health and why he’s encouraging everyone to get involved this Movember. From humble beginnings, Nic has always had a passion for health and fitness which ultimately led to the creation of his plant-based café, Matcha Mylkbar. Whilst Nic places an emphasis on physical health, he knows first-hand that it is just as important to ensure you’re mentally healthy too.

> How do you balance your overall wellbeing with a busy lifestyle?
I live a pretty busy lifestyle running multiple businesses. I tend to get quite stress and anxious at times, however over the years I’ve learnt some coping strategies that help me manage it. I’ve got some great friends that I talk to, I switch my phone off and go for a run with the dog. Playing with him just makes me forget about everything else, he is my meditation and the funniest dog I’ve ever met.

> Have yourself or someone you know struggled with men’s health?
I’ve been generally quite lucky with health issues personally, but that said, I have had several men in my life who have struggled with their health. My father has had cancer for over a decade now which comes back about every 18 months. I have also had mates who have struggled with their mental health.

> Why do you think a lot of men struggle to talk about their health?
I think that there is still an attitude in Australian culture that men can’t, or shouldn’t, talk about how they feel. For my dad, I think he has struggled to cope with his illness because talking about it to your friends isn’t natural for a 60-year-old Tasmanian guy. I do think it is starting to shift though, I do feel like I can talk to my friends about anything if I need to. It’s important to keep this momentum going and encourage men to chat about how they are feeling, because I think talking about it can really help take the load off.

> What would suggest to men who aren’t perhaps as comfortable talking?
Even when you don’t know how to talk to someone or what to say, it’s about just starting the conversation. I find adding a bit of humour into it helps, I’m not a serious guy and I’m genuinely having a laugh most of the time. I think humour can drop the barriers. I think it’s also important to be natural and telling your mates that you genuinely care.

> If your mate is opening up, what would you suggest is the best thing to do?
The main thing is to make them feel comfortable and allow them to talk about it. It isn’t about trying to solve their problems necessarily, just listening to them is enough.

> Since you are partnering with MINI and Movember, will you be growing a Mo’ this Movember?
I’m going to attempt to grow a moustache. I really have to start in January or February, maybe a bit of fertiliser, but I encourage everyone out there to grow a Mo’ and, if they can’t, there are still ways to raise funds and donate to this great cause.

Be like Nic this Movember and get involved, grow a Mo’ and raise funds for men’s health. Together we can change the face of men’s health, visit their website to find out how.