Vivid, crisp and intensely invigorating, the Australian cooler months are a bounty for the intrepid. Inspiring adventure, it’s the season that awakens our innate desire to rove and discover. Whether you’re a weekend wanderer itching to get off grid, a canny gourmand pursuing new delights or a motoring enthusiast simply yearning for the open road, Winter offers up exhilaration in spades.

And who better to accompany you on your jaunt than MINI? After all, every adventurer needs a fun, smart and seriously stylish sidekick. Each family member in the latest generation of MINIs – from the classic Hatch and convention-defying Countryman SUV, right through to the versatile Clubman and open-top convertible – is ready to take on any challenge. With its low centre of gravity, short wheelbase and legendary go-kart handling, the MINI effortlessly stimulates your senses and lets you know you’re alive.

Whether you are, or would love to be, a MINI owner, our rallying cry is the same: to all the pioneers and meanderers beachcombers and ramblers, connoisseurs and chill-seekers: let loose, laze back, recharge or break free. Go wherever the road and your imagination takes you. At MINI, we believe Winter is the time for rejuvenation – not hibernation. So inhale the fresh, bracing air. Exhale your stresses and strains. Repeat to your heart’s content. Feels better, doesn’t it? Enjoy.