MINI Presents: Creating Curtin House.

An icon of Melbourne, Curtin House is more than a building. It’s a living, breathing entity made up of people and spaces that embody their creativity and way of life. It’s also the home of Melbourne’s beloved and original Rooftop Cinema.

Since being built in 1923 Curtin House has had a colourful history. Like all spaces it has constantly evolved through multiple iterations. Starting as the Tattersall’s Club – a home for gaming and socialising – it went on to house the Communist Party headquarters in 1940.

It then went on to become a hub for creatives including dancers and artistic directors before becoming derelict. In 2003, it was re-born and has since continued to evolve into the hub of bars, eateries, design spaces and retail it is today.

Throughout its history, people have driven and been at the heart of Curtin House and enabled it to become a home and welcoming space for office workers, creatives, social butterflies, and political movements.

Always changing and never boring, these spaces and their custodians combine to form a pastiche of experiences that are as rich, diverse, creative and vibrant as the city itself.

It is a community and space like no other.

Since Sir Alec Issigonis first sketched MINI Cooper’s iconic shape on a tablecloth, we’ve pioneered the creative use of space in automotive. As an icon of motoring, we’re proud to be a partner of the 2017-2018 Rooftop Cinema season, and to share with you the story of Curtin House and those that currently call it home.

Join us in delving deeper into the individual stories of Mesa Verde, dot COMME, Metropolis Bookshop and Rooftop Cinema, and find out how a building in the previously ‘dead’ part of town became one of its most iconic spaces.

Creating iconic spaces...

Mesa Verde

Rooftop Cinema