CEO and Co-founder of the Movember Foundation, Adam Garone has been building the global men's health movement for the past 13 years and recently returned to Melbourne to celebrate the launch of Movember 2016.

We went for a drive with Adam to discuss men's health and his future ambitions for the social movement.

> What goals would you like to achieve with the Movember Foundation over the next decade?

To have effectively cured prostate and testicular cancer. To stop the increase in male suicides as soon as possible and by 2030 reduce the number of male suicides by 25%.

> Why do you think Mo Sistas are essential to reducing the number of premature male deaths?

Staying connected with friends and family, talking about the big stuff going on in life is essential to staying healthy and reducing suicide. Mo Sistas can play such an important role in noticing differences in the men around them, talking to them about what's going on, supporting them and suggesting they seek help.

> As a global businessman, why do you think it's important for men to talk with colleagues, friends and family about their health?

Talking about your health, the stresses you face not only helps you but allows other people who also might be struggling to engage in that conversation. It’s not about unloading and burdening other people; it's about being real.

> How can we change the way that future generations deal with health issues and have open conversations about their mental health?

Bring up our boys in an environment that encourages them to share how their feeling, make it ok for them to be vulnerable from time to time and encourage them to have and maintain meaningful social connections.

> What's one piece of advice that you would like to pass on to future innovators hoping to create positive change?

Think big, pursue your passion, focus on happiness over wealth.

> What's one message of inspiration that you would like to pass on to the MINI audience to change the future of men's health?

I’m asking you all to think about the lives of those you love. All are priceless and if you pay close attention, you might hear a voice or two that needs to be listened to very, very closely. Someone might need your help.